Educating with Neuroscience Conference


Brain Breakthroughs Empowering Teaching & Learning

Hear international speakers discuss the latest educational neuroscience research,
and how that research has been translated into practical tools for educators

Who should attend:

  • Principals, head of departments, teachers, counselors
  • Psychologists / doctors / pediatricians / therapists
  • Parents involved with their children's learning & development
  • Anyone interested in the advancement of neuroscience and education


For decades, neuroscientists, psychologists and educators have attempted to unlock the secrets of the human brain and its immense potential to perform complex, unthinkable tasks. With advances in imaging technologies, cross-disciplinary research, advanced experimental models and access to valid quantitative and qualitative data, it is now possible to gain a deeper understanding of how the brain really works. Schools and homes that operate from the neuroscientic framework consistently succeed in providing students with enriching learning environment and experiences that promotes academic excellence and life-long success.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the Attention Brain
  • Maths Skills, the Reward Economy & Neuroscience
  • Dyslexia: Do we have a cure, but no one told us?
  • Neuroscience interventions in Language & Reading
  • English Language Learners and Struggling Readers
  • Using Biotechnology to Double Learning Speed
  • Building a Brain Based Classroom
  • Improving Learning Capacity for all Students
  • See the Latest Educational Neuroscience Products Showcased

Event Details:    www.ens2017.com/asia
Agenda: www.ens2017.com/asia-agenda

Price includes delicious buffet lunch and conference materials..

Registration ended 10th November 2017.


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