Double Bill performance


Double Bill performance 

"A glimpse of ONCE UPON A TIME... A SWAN LAKE" by Oplas theatre, Italy


“ MITSUYUBI ” by Prolific Visionary Production, Japan

Sunday 26 November At 15.00 hrs @ 4th Fl Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

"A glimpse of ONCE UPON A TIME... A SWAN LAKE" by Oplas theatre, Italy

music - Marco Schiavoni: choreography - Luca Bruni: sceneries and costumes - Mario Ferrari: dancers - C.ia OPLAS/CRDU 

Luca Bruni and Mario Ferrari in 2017 are celebrating the 20th of their dance performance "Once upon a time... a swan lake" which was staged along two decades in 18 different countries around the world and seen by more than two hundreds thousand people!

Bruni and Ferrari are going to present an excerpts of this very impressive production which normally performed by ten dancers. This production was first premiered 20 years ago since then Luca Bruni developed and combined different art forms such as contemporary dance and street theatre.

The composer of the music, Marco Schiavoni, will attend the presentation in Bangkok.

For further information on the show please refer to the web page http://www.oplas.eu/swanlakereload-en.html .

“ MITSUYUBI ” by Prolific Visionary Production , Japan

Choreographer / director: Anthony Hutchinson 

Assistant choreographer: Mitsuko Kanayama

Performers: Anthony Hutchinson / Mitsuko Kanayama

Anthony Hutchinson is the, choreographer and director of 'prolific visionary production'. Established in 2014 PVP is an inventive youth company challenging the realm of hip hop theatre. merging contemporary and Street styles, PVP presents innovative creations through choreography and visual conceptual short films.

PVP is thrilled to present  ‘MITSUYUBI’ 

The deepest form of respect. We look at the cultural significant of a small gesture, to bow in salutation or assent; kneeling on both knees with our heads inclined, three fingers stretched and firmly placed on the ground.  This piece is a representation of a woman struggling within a society predominantly structured for the opposite sex. we ask you to join us on this visceral journey delving into the depths of her mind as she longs to break free. 

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