RAW Beat Feat. 2nd Floor Samurais x Boogie G

Must be 20 +


Livest Realist Hip Hop in the BKK!!

2nd Floor Samurais are the latest phenomenon to hit the SF Bay Area Underground Hip Hop scene and comprises of veteran MC’s Orukusaki and Kensho Kuma. Both MC’s are seasoned homegrown independent Hip Hop artists whose roots can be traced back to the late nineties, with respective projects, international tours, and a strong local presence.

More infos by clicking on the link to their web page


Boogie G ( Nite Ride Bkk) is mostly known as the G Funk master of Bangkok, few knows he get there by digging records back in the days finding sample to feed his MPC. Boogie is a OG of the 90's underground Hip Hop, he knows what he talk about, grown up with original Hiphop culture and he is old school enough to still want to share it with us. Records only... get prepared! Banzai!


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