How much does it cost to use Ticketmelon?
It’s Free! Events listed on Ticketmelon are completely free, no monthly charges, membership costs, or setup fees, with an added benefit of data insights of your events!
If your event is a free event, you will not be charged. Depending on your ticket price, we have a flex-fee ranging from 2% to 3.5% of the ticket price plus 9 – 15THB per ticket, and a 3% payment-processing fee (calculated in Thai Baht THB).

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Ticketmelon only charges you for the fee when the sale is completed.
The fees are broken down into 2 parts:

1. Ticketmelon Service Fee: We offer a dynamic pricing tier for Event Organizers depending on your ticket prices.
Ticketmelon Service Fee
Ticket price
Price ticket sold
less than 200 THB
over 200 THB
but under 1,000 THB
2% + 9THB
over 1,000 THB
2% + 15THB
We charge based on ticket price, not total sales.
If your event has multiple ticket prices,
then fees will change to match
the ticket price.
Payment Processing Fee
Of ticket price
All fees that are processed by Ticketmelon
Includes Cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

2. Payment-processing Fee: To ensure that all transactions made on Ticketmelon is secure, we use a third-party payment gateway provider to enable all transactions. This fee is a flat fee of 3% of the ticket cost.

To learn more about the fees click here
How are fees calculated?
- Free tickets are free.
- Tickets 0 ≤ 200 THB are charged 6.5% per ticket.
- Tickets 200 THB ≤ 1000 THB are charged 5% + 9 THB per ticket.
- Tickets > 1000 THB are charged 5% + 15 THB per ticket.
Ticketmelon fees are automically deducted from ticket sales.
There are no additional fees. You pay what you see !
How are fees deducted?
Within 7 business days after the end of event
What is a Gate Agent and how do I become one?
A person who validates the tickets at the event entry. Gate agent must have username and password for TMgateagent application for specific event. This requirement can create at my event page in
How do I manage Gate Agents?
You can set your own Gate Agent(s) by following these steps.
1. Click on "My events"
2. Click on the event poster you wish to manage
3. On the left-hand side of the page, click on the Gate Agent tab
Only the event organizer's account can manage Gate Agents.
How many Gate Agents can I have?
It’s depend on the event organizers discretion.
How do I check when a ticket has been validated?
There are 2 ways to check the validation
1. From the Gate Agent’s device: Select “Results” tab in TM GateAgent application to view validation result by the viewing account.
2. From the Gate Agent screen: Select “Verification Log” on top of the screen to view verification results.
How do I tell a fake ticket from a real one?
A fake ticket or copied ticket can determine as a validate ticket.If the ticket has validated ,it’s can be interpreted that the real one has been stolen in the way of screen capture.
Ticketmelon always mention about the security of using the ticket.
What type of device supports the validation process?
Currently, the validation can only be done through an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) and android device with internet connection.
Will there be support staff in case of any technical?
Ticketmelon provides on-site staff as requested. You can request for an on-site staff from event creation up to 2 weeks before your event. Contact for more information.
How do I create an event?
To create an event, just shoot an email over to our team at They will setup your event page and assist you! To view your event, sign into your Ticketmelon account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up at Ticketmelon. It’s free!
How do I know if the event is published?
Your event will be uploaded immediately after you have sent all the required information over to us unless you have a specific date planned.
Where do I edit my event?
You can only edit a general setting. Ticketmelon suggest the event organizer to check the event details properly before click publish.
How do I view my events?
To view your event statistics, click on “My Event” at the top of the page. Select on the event poster of your event to view the amount of tickets sold, tickets remaining, and gross ticket sales.
What do the numbers in the quick statistic page mean?
Total Ticket Sold

This section shows the combined amount of tickets sold, both free and paid tickets.

Sell Out Rate By Type

This section displays the amount of tickets sold and amount of tickets remaining.

Net Payout

Gross Ticket Sales – This is the total amount of sales.
Ticketmelon Pass On Fees – This fee is only for events that have opt to pass on the fees onto the ticket buyers
Vat 7% - Value-added tax for Ticketmelon’s service fee. Note: that organizers are always responsible for VAT regardless of pass-on option
Net Payout (THB) – This is the amount excluding absorbed fees that you will be receiving.

Promo Code

If you have a promotion code available, this will show the total amount discounted.
What if no tickets are sold?
There is no additional fees if the tickets are not sold out. You will not be charged for tickets you do not sell.
How are the fees transferred?
Ticketmelon will transfer total sale of the event within 7 business days.
If the details of my event changed what should I do?
Email us at and we'll do it for you!
How do I cancel an event?
If you wish to cancel an event, email us at and we'll do it for you!
Please note: We will refund all guests who have bought a ticket prior to the cancellation.
Can Ticketmelon issue refunds on my behalf?
Ticketmelon will responsible for every refund case by the time we will contact your if there is any specific reason. If the refund case occurred when the event has ended , we will contact you for an optimal solution.
Can I set up the time duration of the ticket sale?
It is up to the Event Organizer to specify. Ticket sales can end by time or quantity.
Privacy Policy & Organizer Agreement
You can see privacy policy by going here

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